Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Growing up I had moments of love and hate with Valentine's Day.  The reminder that you were single, the expectation of someone to do or be something, the annoyingly cheap patrons that I had to serve year after year in the restaurant I worked in =).  The one thing I remember that always brought me a smile was the small heart box of chocolates that were waiting for me from my dad.

It wasn't until Ella and Kohen that I started to enjoy Valentine's Day for a completely different reason. 

The kids and I spent time the weeks before creating Valentine bracelets for their friends...60 plus friends that is!

The bracelet idea came from an amazing blogger named katie did.  

We also had two photo sessions and I had the joy of making them into their own custom cards. It was so much fun!!

Each moment was a blast... their joy in making them and their excitement to share them with their friends just melted me.

Ella asked me one morning "Mommy what if someone else makes the same Valentines?". I laughed because I have raised my kids to think that my over the top behavior is normal.  I'm happy and thankful to my Kyle that he is so loving and supportive of all my crazy endeavors, and that Ella and Kohen still find joy in it!

So...I just wanted to wish you all happy Valentine's Day!  May we always remember the simple love of Valentine's Day that our children do.

*Shine On*


  1. Hey SOAR! Sister! These custom Valentine's are AWESOME! Lovin' the friendship bracelets too. Great ideas. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  2. What wonderful bracelets and valentines... very creative and fun,,,Happy Valentines Day...The cards you designed are incredible!!!

  3. Linds, these are incredible! Crazy CREATIVE!!! I'm so proud of you getting your blog up and going! Girl, I LOVE the design and photography combined, run with it!! After you get a few more posts up here, let's feature your blog and let everyone see what our Linds is up too!