Monday, August 15, 2011

It's My Birthday and I'll Cry If I Want To

Turning one is a big milestone and a big deal. You can only do it once, although many of us try to repeat other birthdays ; )!!  It is still a once in a lifetime sort of thing.  So I guess that gives you the right to cry if you want to.

The typically happy Preston brought out his inner diva.  Can you even say that about a boy ; ) ?!  He was not having anything to do with this crazy lady with the camera in his face.  Kari and Packy were just amazing despite the difficulties.  They were cool, calm, and collected.  Their positive and easy going manner made the crying moments melt away.

Ella Marie was a doll!  Interestingly enough she has the same name as my little girl.  Copy cats?  I think so ; )!!   She was ready and very willing to step into Preston's place whenever we needed.  She worked the camera like any first born child!

We waited Preston out and I was so happy that by the end of our time together, I actually got an image of something other than a tormented child.  While I love to torment my own children, I try very hard to refrain from doing it to other people's kids.  :)

So here is a sneak peak at how the time went... 

All I can say is Mom is gorgeous, Ella is a princess, Preston is a handsome little man even when he's screaming, and Dad just cracks me up!!  I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!

*Shine On*