Monday, October 31, 2011

Teach Me!!

I don't know if they are writing a "How To" book, or offering seminars on parenting ... but I would be the first in line to purchase either from Susan and Tom Guthrie!! This is the second Guthrie child I have had the pleasure of photographing. Two years ago I photographed Emma's brother Joel. Joel and Emma are two of the most outgoing and down to earth High School Seniors that I have come across. I seriously need to spend some time with Susan and Tom to pick their brains on how to raise amazing kids like them. 

So often we come across people that are good looking, beautiful actually, and that's where it ends.  I think it is a pretty special thing to find someone that possesses incredible outward beauty with an inward beauty that matches or exceeds it. Emma was just that. An outward beauty that was matched by an incredible inward beauty and spirit.

From the moment that I picked Emma up for her shoot it was fun and easy. She hopped in my car and quickly fell in pace with her humor and easy going nature.

It was so much fun to photograph her that I didn't even bat an eye when we exceeded our shooting time by an hour. We had fun, and before I knew it we were driving her home.

It's with great pleasure and pride in this crazy gift God has given me that I am able to share these images with you. Thank you Susan and Tom for sharing your wonderful children with me!! Te see the rest of the images from this shoot ... click here.

{Shine On}


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Montagues and The Capulets

Oooops ... I mean The Baumgartner's and The Garguile's.  Close, but thankfully Noah and Kristi did not have to die in a lovers suicide in order for me to write this Blog : ).

I love it when people don't take themselves too seriously!!  What is better than that ... a bride that doesn't take herself too seriously!!  I think this among many other things is why I think my bride Kristi "formerly Baumgartner" Garguile is so stinking gorgeous. I might be biased seeing as she is one of my best friends, and my family, but who cares!!  Just ask my husband ... I am ALWAYS right ; )!

Kristi and Noah are such a fun couple.  They are an absolute joy to be around, and they are both just fine specimens of God's handy work both inside and out. I have never had so much fun being a part of a wedding.  Thanks to my dear friend Jennifer Armstrong I was able to enjoy being in the wedding as well as photographing the day along side her.

Kristi wanted to start her wedding day off showing the true beauty that each member of her wedding party possessed ... 

I don't know about you ... but that just might be the best-worst looking wedding party I have ever seen.

I wasn't able to capture all to many of the important images the day of the wedding, but my right hand (wo)man Jennifer Armstrong was there to fill in the blanks.  I was however, able to capture a couple on the wedding day along with the Monday after.  Thankfully Kristi and Noah were game for getting all dolled up for me.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Here's to you Kristi and Noah as you embark on this journey of love and happiness!!  I pray that each day you laugh more than you cry, you make more than you spend, and may you never forget moments like these...

Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of your special day. I don't know what I would do without you two. Please hurry home so more than less of my days are filled with those amazing smiles.  I love you both!!

{Shine On}


P.S. To all of you that have patiently waited for the Photo Booth pictures it will be another month.

P.P.S.  Just kidding ... click here to see them all!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

We Meet Again Friend

Photographing the Mitchell family was such an honor. 

There is always an ease to my job when I know someone before a shoot. Years ago Mom "Sherod" and I worked together at Silver City Brewery. Sherod was always one of my favorite people to work with.  She is funny, positive and kind. I must say years ago she won herself a very special spot in my little ole heart. 

So you could understand how flattered and excited I was when she contacted me to photograph her sweet little family.  


They were a pleasure to work with, and I adored the open and fun relationship that they share.  

The shoot ended near the water and by this time all family member were doing all they could to hold it together. Thankfully they were able to take a quiet moment on the waters edge. It's those little moments where they let their guard down and let the real magic happen. This one tender moment between Dad and daughter just melts my heart.  

To me the shoot was a success. I smiled all the way through the shoot ... making it a very good day for me. We had some laughs, we took some pictures, and we captured those fleeting moments in our children's lives that pass in a blink of an eye.  

Thank you Sherod and Randy for allowing me to capture this time in your life!!  Please click here to see the rest of the images from your shoot!!

{Shine On}


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Ella!!

7 years ago I was checking into the hospital in excruciating pain.  I had no idea what was in store for me. As the saying doesn't go, "this was my first time at the rodeo"!!  I was scared and excited waiting to see who this little person growing inside me would be. 

25 hours later after a miserable delivery and quite possibly the most pain I have ever experienced, I sat face to face with my bundle of joy.

Our Ella was beautiful beyond measure, I loved her more than I ever knew possible. I wanted to protect her and keep her all to myself. Thankfully that was never a possibility. Our Ella has grown into her very own person.

She has her own style...

Her own flair...

... and certainly her own ideas. She is loving, and kind, headstrong, and thoughtful. She always comes to the defense of someone in need, and her sensitivity and gentle heart melt me. 

So tonight as I tucked my girl in I realized how truly blessed I am. My sweet little girl who dreams of becoming a singer. She loves dresses, and shoes, and smiles like an angel.  

I have no idea where this life will take her ... but I sure do hope it takes its time getting her there. She is my little partner and I simply adore her!!

Happy Birthday Ella Bean!!  Thank you for all you have taught me my little love bug.  Thank you for loving me like you do.  Thank you for being you!! 


{Shine On}


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

... Young Love ...

Now this is something I get!! My husband and I started dating at 19 and were engaged a short 9 months later. Now the wedding took another 3 years ... but that's a whole other story ; ).

Amber and John were such a fun couple to work with. 
Amber was shy, but so very beautiful. John was tender and so clearly in love with her.

It was a joy to capture their sweet beginnings.

A tender kiss...

A smile...

A laugh...

A gentle touch...

All those simple moments ... before life gets so full.

Thank you Amber and John for allowing me to capture your young love in such a fun way. You were amazing to work with.  I can't wait to see where all of life's fullness takes you!!  

Click here to see all the pictures captured that day!!

{Shine On}