Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Ella!!

7 years ago I was checking into the hospital in excruciating pain.  I had no idea what was in store for me. As the saying doesn't go, "this was my first time at the rodeo"!!  I was scared and excited waiting to see who this little person growing inside me would be. 

25 hours later after a miserable delivery and quite possibly the most pain I have ever experienced, I sat face to face with my bundle of joy.

Our Ella was beautiful beyond measure, I loved her more than I ever knew possible. I wanted to protect her and keep her all to myself. Thankfully that was never a possibility. Our Ella has grown into her very own person.

She has her own style...

Her own flair...

... and certainly her own ideas. She is loving, and kind, headstrong, and thoughtful. She always comes to the defense of someone in need, and her sensitivity and gentle heart melt me. 

So tonight as I tucked my girl in I realized how truly blessed I am. My sweet little girl who dreams of becoming a singer. She loves dresses, and shoes, and smiles like an angel.  

I have no idea where this life will take her ... but I sure do hope it takes its time getting her there. She is my little partner and I simply adore her!!

Happy Birthday Ella Bean!!  Thank you for all you have taught me my little love bug.  Thank you for loving me like you do.  Thank you for being you!! 


{Shine On}



  1. Happy birthday, Ella!! I can't believe how grown up you're getting. It seems like just yesterday your dad was telling me about his brand new baby girl. Have a wonderful, very special day. Hope Jessie, Mason, and I get a chance to see you and your family very soon.

  2. Happy 7th Birthday Ellie Bellie! I can not believe how old you are're such a big girl!! I miss you tons and can't wait to see you at Christmas! Love you, Carrie

  3. Happy Birthday Ella,
    I was told of your future arrival on my Birthday seven years ago. You're news was the best present that I could have gotten. Being your Godmother has been such a joy. I wish you all that will make you happy on your special day & for all the days to come.
    Love you lots!!
    Kathy - (your Aunt Kappy)

  4. Happy Birthday to our special little Ella!
    Love you,
    Papa and Grammy

  5. Happy Birthday Ella!
    I hope your day is super special just like you!
    Hope to see you soon,
    Perfect Aunt Lois ;o)

  6. Happy Birthday, Little Ella (Yeahlla) as you pronounced it not too long ago =)! I love you little turkey and will see you this weekend!

    Love uncle, Joshy!

  7. Happy birthday Ella! It's been amazing to see you (in photos on the web) over the past few years since connecting with your mum through SOAR... you shine!!

  8. Happy birthday Ella Marie!!! I hope your day is extra special... Thinking of you today!! Xoxo ms. Harris

    Smelly Elly how I love you so! What a beautiful and lovely young lady you are becoming. I am so proud of you little cousin and pray that our Heavenly Father would bless you, protect you and continue growing you to become the bold, confident and strong woman He created you to be! I love you and hope your day is full of giggles, laughter and love.
    Your cousin Sika

  10. Oh Ella- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I will call your mom's phone and sing to you like you did for me on my b-day! Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating! God created you as a unique and special person to be loved for just who you are and to do some amazing things. I want you to know how special you are to me and how grateful I am to be your auntie! Love you a lot- have a GREAT day. XXOO Kari

  11. Happy birthday Little Pickle!! I could go on and on about how proud of a daddy I am...but I think I'll just leave it at this: I love you SOOOOOO much, little girl! I hope your birthday brings you as much joy, as you have brought me the past 7 years.

    I love you!!

  12. Happy Birthday sweet girl - blowing you kisses all the way from New Zealand xoxoxo

  13. Happy birthday beautiful Ella, there is no one I would rather share my birthday with in the whole world, have an amazing 7th birthday.miss and love ya
    - Josh

  14. Happy Birthday Ella!! You are like a sunny day, everytime I see you it makes me happy. Papa and I look forward to your sleepover! Happy 7th Birthday!!

    Nana & Papa

  15. Happy birthday my Ella Bella! I always LOVE playing with you at Grandma Dodie's, and I can't wait to see you grow up, but not too fast! (: Love you Lella!
    Cousin Linzee (:

  16. Ohh man, Ella Bear I'm so sorry this is late! Apparently your cousin needs to check her email a little more often! We wish we could have been there for your big day, but hope it was wonderful - you deserve it! You're the sweetest, most kind little girl.. How does such a big heart fit in that little body of yours?! :) Can't wait to see you again over Christmas, give your momma, daddy and Choch a big hug and kiss for us until then!

    Love you to the moon and back!

    Noah & Kristi :)

  17. What wonderful pictures!!! (We just saw the website.... Yikes!) Ella is so beautiful, and so is her mom. Of course, there's a little bias here. Love you guys,

    Uncle Kurt and Uncle Billy