Monday, October 31, 2011

Teach Me!!

I don't know if they are writing a "How To" book, or offering seminars on parenting ... but I would be the first in line to purchase either from Susan and Tom Guthrie!! This is the second Guthrie child I have had the pleasure of photographing. Two years ago I photographed Emma's brother Joel. Joel and Emma are two of the most outgoing and down to earth High School Seniors that I have come across. I seriously need to spend some time with Susan and Tom to pick their brains on how to raise amazing kids like them. 

So often we come across people that are good looking, beautiful actually, and that's where it ends.  I think it is a pretty special thing to find someone that possesses incredible outward beauty with an inward beauty that matches or exceeds it. Emma was just that. An outward beauty that was matched by an incredible inward beauty and spirit.

From the moment that I picked Emma up for her shoot it was fun and easy. She hopped in my car and quickly fell in pace with her humor and easy going nature.

It was so much fun to photograph her that I didn't even bat an eye when we exceeded our shooting time by an hour. We had fun, and before I knew it we were driving her home.

It's with great pleasure and pride in this crazy gift God has given me that I am able to share these images with you. Thank you Susan and Tom for sharing your wonderful children with me!! Te see the rest of the images from this shoot ... click here.

{Shine On}


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