Monday, November 14, 2011


Firsts are special. Not to say seconds and thirds aren't as good, but there is just something about the first time you do anything. Often we are nervous or apprehensive. Many of us fight experiencing certain firsts, and some embrace them with eyes wide "shut". You might not be the best the first time you do something, but goodness knows you will try with gusto. 

The first I'm talking about in this instance is our first child.

Those little beings have no idea how clueless we truly are. No one can prepare you for it, and nothing can compare to it. 

I was nervous and scared and wanted to hold my daughter so tight you would need to pry her with crowbars from my arms. You try to do everything perfect, not yet realizing there is no being perfect in this job. They get our good and our bad. They are so special ... but they are also our test dummies. 

Typically when I photograph a first born child the parent is so on edge I can barely touch the child. I was amazed and impressed by the relaxed nature that Kayden's mom Kim showed. 

She was sweet and attentive, but never overbearing. This bodes well for the little man seeing as he was the easiest baby I could have asked for. He was a dream especially since he was two weeks old by the time we were able to photograph him.

I had the room toasty warm, and sweet little Kayden was a dream come true. His little legs still went into frog position, and with time I was able to lull him to sleep. 

I even had his mom convinced I was some sort of baby muse. Really I think her ease and calmness with me is what did the trick. 

Kim's easy nature is what allowed me to comfort him and position him without the promise of Mommy's milk. 

It is my honor and pleasure to introduce the charming and adorable little man!! I am so happy and so thankful for how these pictures turned out. I owe so much of it to Kim. Kayden was such a doll. I am so hopeful that I will be blessed enough to photograph him again. Call me anytime Kim!! Click here to see all the photos from the shoot.

{Shine On}



  1. You are seriously amazing Lindsay. Those pictures make me want another baby! Since you're responsible, I'll have you break the news to my man. Truly-I've been impressed with "mrs. Pinterest" long before you got your title. Love you lady!!

  2. These pictures are amazing...what an adorable little guy he is....gorgeous shots!!