Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Love and Dirty Jeans

Jimmy Shier … He was born a bitter rival of my husband's and turned out to be one of his best friends. From arch baseball nemesis, to teammate, to cherished friend. What can I say about Jimmy...

When my husband had his head injury Jimmy was a familiar and much loved face to see show up at our hospital door. He brought with him a wonderful spirit and humor, matched by his incredible support and generosity. Jimmy brought bracelets to the hospital that said "KB Keep The Faith & Be Strong". There are friends and family still wearing those bracelets now 6 years later. They have vowed to leave them on as a reminder of the miracle of Kyle's life, and in faith that someday he will be 100% again.

In this short life of ours there are many people that cross our paths. Some are fleeting and some endure. Jimmy has been one that has endured. He is kind and loving and will make the most wonderful husband. Life hasn't always been a walk in the park for Jimmy. He has had more than his share of hardships … but I truly believe this is what has made him into the amazing man he is today.

The engagement shoot was my first opportunity to meet Emily. She was nothing short of amazing.

On our first communication Emily shared the following with me … 

"I would like to take a moment to tell you about the most amazing man I know.  Jim was introduced to me by my younger brother, a baseball player at Blanchet High School. Coach Shier is a great guy, he reassured me, but little did I know just how special he would be. Jim has persevered through many obstacles, including the loss of his mom and uncle, some of the only family he has. As a business owner, coach, mentor, friend, nephew and much more, Jim has touched many lives, including mine. 

I am proud to say that Jim and I are taking the next step in our lives and are getting married! About a year ago, Jim shared with me the project you had done about Kyle's accident and the effect on your family. I was truly moved and have thought about this request ever since."

Jim and Emily drove up from Oregon and we met in Seattle with Kyle as our chauffeur. We headed out in the city to capture the love that these two so clearly share.

It was clearly engagement picture day in Seattle because every where we went there was another engaged couple and another photographer. I teased them that had they just showed up in Seattle that day they could have joined any number of engagement sessions.  

I drug them from James Street...

To Pikes Place Market...

All the way out to Discovery Park...

All along the way we laughed and joked. Jimmy complained only a smidgen, when I made him kneel, thus getting his jeans wet and a bit dirty in the knees. Emily later informed me that all signs of kneeling in the park were easily remedied by "WASHING" them ; ). 

I think that the pictures speak for themselves in showing what an incredibly fun and in love couple they are. Click here to view all of the images from the shoot!!

Thank you both!! I can't wait for the wedding, I can only imagine how amazing that will be!! 

{Shine On}