Friday, January 28, 2011

My Very First Blog

I can hardly believe this is the first Blog I have written since my Soar! year with Me Ra Koh ended in early November. Alas my lofty ideas of being this amazing blogger have faltered and here I am at the end of January writing my very first blog. Sad, but at least it is not February....yet!!

I have found that in life there are people that you meet and you instantly know that you will be life long friends. Then there are those that have been in your life for years and you had no idea they were there right under your nose. I am just so thankful that a little over a year ago Kristi Baumgartner amazingly turned into one of my most cherished and dear friends. I am doubly blessed since this friend is also family. Not family by blood, sadly, but by marriage...yeah for Kyle!! We will only share the same last name for a little while longer since in September she will be getting married.

Now if you are a friend of mine you might know that I like to insert myself into aspects of your life that you may want me, and perhaps not want me. No...I am not really nosey as much as overly eager to offer myself in any way to the people I love.

 I am so happy that Kristi and Noah are so excepting of my insertion. I have so far named myself a bridesmaid (well not really...Kristi did if she had a choice I have huge muscles), and photographer. If she isn't careful I will be walking her down the isle snapping pictures, throwing flowers, carrying rings, and marrying them myself. But I am thinking that might be a bit too much and her dad might have something to say about that.

So a person may wonder how is it that I am going to be bridesmaid and photographer?! Well...I am good...yeah that good!! However I also have one of those instantaneous friends that I talked about earlier that is going to be flying up to shoot the wedding with me. That amazing friend is none other than my dear
Soar! sister Jennifer Armstrong. I am tickled that she will be by my side to capture the moments of one of my dearest friends. Thank you Jen!!

Kristi and Noah are an amazingly beautiful couple that will surely make beautiful cousins for my children to play with...some day. They got engaged a couple of months ago. As soon as I heard I had to know "When do I get to take your pictures?!". So on December 30th I had the pleasure of capturing this sweet couple. It was a toasty 26 degrees that day, and to say that we froze our booties off is an understatement. Despite the frigid day the sun was shining, and love was in the air.

These are just a few of the images that I liked, but the ones I loved I designed into some Save the Date postcards for Noah and Kristi to decide on.  Perhaps you all could help them make the decision.  Feel free to vote for the image you like best!!

Just as the sign says..."First Comes Love", and I can't wait to share the marriage with you all!!

*Shine On*