Friday, March 25, 2011

Fussy babies can't stop me!!

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the adorable Miss Emma.  Some of you might remember that I also had the pleasure of taking maternity and newborn pictures of Momma and little Emma.  Mom (Jen) was set with outfits and accessories galore...not to mention she had even wrangled Dad into joining the shoot!

We scheduled the shoot around the schedules of Emma's brothers, during a time that is typically a "happy...awake time” for the budding princess.  But like most 4 month olds Emma had something different planned than what Mom was hoping for.

Miss Emma was great for the first couple shots with Mom and Dad. 

Then…it was down hill from there.  Jen desperately wanted a shot similar to one she had taken of her two as you can guess Emma was having none of that.  

I think our children are a humbling reminder of how little in life we actually have control over.  Sorry Jen that the image you so wanted didn't work, but I hope there’s another one from that day that might capture your heart in a completely different and unique way.  Welcome to the world of girls!!

The happy images we were able to capture were really quite funny!  As long as Mom was blowing and tickling Emma's feet she was content.  So away we went trying to capture as many shots of the adorable little bug as we could.  


The shots might not be the exact ones Mom had envisioned...but just like the pajamas stuffed in the shoes is not the look I would like for my daughter...I have learned to accept that sometimes you just have to smile and accept the moment for what it is.  I hope Jen will be able to embrace the same mindset and love the images as I do! To see all of the images we got that day simply click on Emma's name.

*Shine On*

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sweet 16 Never Looked So Good

Sweet 16 and not a candle in sight.  Perhaps even thinking that, ages me in more ways than I know!  For me, 16 was the year you could start working and save up for Drivers Ed... so that at some point you might get your driving license.  My, how things have changed over the last 15 years!!  I suppose we can thank MTV for a lot of that ; )!!

 The wonderful Katie asked me a week before the soiree if I might be able to come and take some pictures of Jordyn's 16th Birthday Bash.  Katie has been one of my biggest supporters in photography... so how could I possible say no?!

I arrived with my assistant (Kyle) and we set up shop.  From the word "go" the eager youth were more than happy to pose for the camera.  Jordyn was just plain stunning in pink.  

She had asked everyone to dress in black (one smart cookie) so there was no mistaking who the star of the night was.  

It was a night of fun and celebration and I made a point to get out of there in time for the real undocumented fun to begin =). 

I am so happy that Katie asked me to be a part of this milestone in Jordyn's life.  How fast the time goes, and how pleased I am that I was able to freeze this moment in time with the click of my camera.  To see more of the images click here....Jordyn's Sweet 16!!

So much love to Katie, and Jordyn for thinking of me!  It's people like you that get me to pick up my camera when I feel like no wants what I have to offer.  Your support is priceless to me!!  I hope you know that!!

*Shine On*