Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Parents Nightmare and A Photographers Dream

There are those days where you show up for a shoot and everything goes smoothly, and then there are those days that parents just dread.  Your child will just not smile no matter how funny you are, and goodness knows there is no way they are going to do anything you want!!

And then to add insult to the injury...of course, there is the sudden onset of illness that can just about throw any parent into a tither.

As a mother of two I can so relate to these moments.  Telling people with gritted teeth "I swear they are normally so happy, I don't know what is going on."  False smile while inside you are cringing at the thought of images of grumpy children.  Just not the way you want to remember life, when there is money on the line.

So you grin and bear it through the shoot bartering and begging this small person that holds all the cards, praying that one image will look like the vision you had in your mind.

Then there is the photographer side of me, that loves the raw and beautiful reality that is kids.

Sometimes they will do what I ask, and other times they want nothing to do with me and my glass eye staring them in the face.  Then there are those magical moments where doing nothing is all that is needed.

That is the joy of working with these little people that drive their parents to the edge of sanity, the magic they can create by just simply being themselves.

The Devine family grinned and bared it through a shoot that was marked by a head strong 2 1/2 year old and an uncommonly sleepy and fussy 7 month old and I am so happy that they did.  It may have taken a bit more time, and a lot of patience on the part of Shawn and Renee....but I must say there were more than one of those magical moments along the way.  What a joy it was to capture for them some moments that may not have been perfect, but that will forever tell the the story of their family in a small window of time.

All my love to them and their beautiful boys Finn, and Kai.  It's people like you that allow me to wake up each morning and do just what I love!!

*Shine On*