Friday, January 27, 2012

As to jumping on the couch ... I say ... why not!!

Meet the Nelson's... 

Nope ... these ones are not related to me, but I would sure except them as family in a heartbeat. The Nelson's were positively an inspiring family. Their three beautiful girls were kind, loving, and so very polite. They treated one another and their parents with such a loving and kind respect that I adored every second of our time together.

It was a pleasure and a joy for me to allow these well behaved girls to let loose and do something that they would not normally be allowed to do. I sure as the heck wouldn't let my kids ; )!! Like a grandparent ... isn't that the privilege of being a photographer and having a studio? You get to make your own rules!! 

As to jumping on the couch ... I say ... why not!!

And to jumping off the couch while Mom and Dad smile ... of course ... PRICELESS!!

Standing on furniture?? That's a no brainer ... why wouldn't you?!!

Rolling around on the ground in your pictures clothes ... with your nicely fixed hair?? You better believe it!!

The girls were troopers even when we left the warm studio and embarked on our frigid walk into the outdoors. You would never know that they were shivering and freezing from their adorable faces.

I received such a nice complement from Maci (Mom) after the shoot. She wrote me an email saying ... "Thank you again for taking our family pictures yesterday. You made it very enjoyable! And now my girls think you're the best because they got to stand on the table and jump on the couch :)" What Maci didn't realize was that all the pleasure was all mine. It was my sincere pleasure to capture her family.  It is emails like this that fill my heart and remind me of why I am doing what I am.

Maci and Jay and the girls moved to Virginia shortly after the shoot. While I may not get the pleasure of photographing them again, at least I had the joy of working with them before they left. 

Thanks you Maci and Jay.Thank you for sharing a part of an afternoon with me. Thank you for being such wonderful parents, and gifting me with the opportunity to work with your charming little ladies. All my best to you and the girls as you settle into your new life in Virginia. Click here to see the rest of the shoot!!

{Shine On}

... Lindsay ...


  1. LiNDSaY!!! This photo shoot is awesome! Isn't it so fun to capture kids in photos when you give them permission to do things that are usually on the "NO" list?! That's one sure way to get true authentic smiles/reactions. Well done, SOAR Sista! And where did you find that amazing chalkboard? Did you have to add the carrying strap to it?

  2. Thank you Lisa!! These kids were truly a dream to work with. I could not have asked for anything more!! The chalkboard I have had forever. There are just two picture hanging triangles that have jute hanging from them. So simple, and really not too exciting if you saw it in person. It photographs to look much nicer than it is!! Gotta love that!!