Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Better Tardy Than Late!! ... Valentine's 2012

Valentine's has arrived again and like always I had high aspirations and plans for the day. Last Thursday I was finally able to take some pictures of the kids for their cards... 

...and on Friday I was able to design and order them. My hope was that the cards would arrive on Monday and that would give me Monday night to help the kids ready their cards for school. 


In true Lindsay fashion shipping notification came through yesterday saying that the cards would be delivered by 4:30pm Valentine's Day. Arghh!!  Nail biting, and panic ensued!! I decided to go ahead as planned and cut out the lips and mustaches for the kids suckers. Heck the least I could do was supply them with one thing to be excited about.

I often find myself frustrated and irritated with myself for leaving these things to the last minute. It is easy for me to prioritize client work, but amidst that my poor little munchkins get lost in the shuffle of my business. 

I know that I am living in a small window of time where my kids will even want me to take pictures of them and make cards for their friends. I often hope my kids will rebel against conventional adolescent peer pressure. Learning at a much younger age that it is far cooler to be an individual. A lesson that only in my late 20's have I been able to embrace. 

This morning my sad and worried kids bravely left for school with no Valentine's in hand. They are my greatest supporters and kept assuring me it would be ok if they gave them out tomorrow, but I could feel their quiet disappointment. Ella kindly told me "Mom, maybe you could start earlier next year." Such wisdom and common sense, now if only I could remember that before it's too late. After all ... who wants to be "that kid" showing up empty handed? I sure didn't want that for them. 

I dropped the kids off at school and began making some phone calls. Thanks to the miraculous world of smart phones and tracking information I was able to determine that my package was at a transfer facility about 25 minutes away from my home. I made a last ditch effort to halt the transfer of my package to the delivery truck so that I could drive the 25 minutes to secure it with my own two hands. In hopes of saving Valentine's Day 2012 for my kids. I said a prayer dialed the number and would you believe my package had not made it to its delivery truck yet?!!  The wonderful lady at FedEx placed a hold on my package and recited to me that address for pickup. If I could have reached through the phone and hugged that lady I certainly would have!!

So now I sit in my office writing a Blog to tell you of my almost failure as a Mom. Of course this would not have been a failure of epic proportion, but so many things can feel epic in the life of a child. At 12:15pm I dropped their bags off at the school office for them. 

I wish I could have seen their faces when their bags containing their Valentine's showed up. 

I can only imagine the sigh of relief and the smiles of pure joy that overcame their little faces. Or at least that is how I am choosing to imagine it. After all the chaos I am entitled to a tiny bit of fantasy ... right ; )?

{Shine On}

... Lindsay ...

Friday, February 10, 2012

All In A Days Work

New Years Eve already feels like a lifetime ago, and yet I can hardly believe that it is February already. Valentine's day is rapidly approaching and I still have yet to make the kids cards. Tomorrow ... right ... there is always tomorrow, sigh.

December 31st was my last shoot of the year, and my last shoot to date. Who would have known what that afternoon and the days after would hold for my Dad, my family and I. That afternoon was the last time I saw my parents together at home. The last day that life felt somewhat normal. New normals set in and take over, but its those innocent moments before life changes drastically that often stand out the most in my mind.

On that last day of the year I had the joy of photographing a special little family. Lynsee, Brian, Bodhi, and Jake (the dog) live next door to my parents.

Lynsee and Brian are kind, loving, and patient parents. It was a joy and a pleasure to spend some time with this amazing little family.

I must say I absolutely love them!! 

I was allowed a window into their life, one where I could watch and capture the simple joys of an afternoon. The stories that play out each day right before our eyes. Here is my storied version of that cool yet dry New Years Eve...

All In a Days Work
{The Tale of Bodhi}

For me this was fun, but for Bodhi it was just another day at work. He made some important phone calls!!

And relayed some top secret intel for his boss.

He inquired into just how much a boat would cost!!

And supervised the transfer of Bremerton's only mini aircraft carrier.

He scaled a giant propeller... all in a days work!!

And like any true craftsman he could not leave without giving that propeller the good ole rear slide test!! All systems were a go ... and thankfully his Dad was able to navigate the lumps and bumps thus protecting his prized family jewels.

He quieted his whining parents...

And protected his Dad from that strange lady (aka Mom) who was peering around the corner ; )!!

He flew down the steps of The White House.

And finally was able to ponder the meaning of life, while his Dad waited in confused anticipation. 

All in all it was a good days work for Bodhi. I'm sure he felt a sense of completion, and perhaps utter relief when this strange lady (Me) put away her black eye. But just as I was about to leave his Mom squeezed him tight. I pulled out that black eye one last time and Bodhi leaned forward offering me a parting goodbye.

And I just know those twinkling eyes said to me...

Until we meet again ...

Please click here to see all of the photos taken that day.

{Shine On}

... Lindsay ...