Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Keep the faith!!

I am sure that when Tony and Adrianna drove home from their family portraits last Monday they had little hope of good pictures from our shoot. And while I try to reassure the parents over and over again that there will be something cute, "keep the faith". I can still see that look of doubt in their eyes. After all they aren't seeing what I am ... who can blame them for their doubtful looks. I too would feel the same if the situation was reversed. What they don't know is that I have learned over the years to go with the flow. I have learned that expectations of small children are unrealistic and frustrating. Instead I have adopted the point of view that I will simply do my best to capture beautiful and real images however they come to me.

Tony and Adrianna's son Oliver is down right adorable, and stunningly handsome. Despite Oliver's obvious charms and good looks he had no concerns or cares that Mom and Dad had scheduled, arranged, and paid for this lovely little outing we were on. Oliver had his own agenda that day and wanted nothing to do with his parents plans for the afternoon.

Things started out well, Adrianna was holding Oliver and quickly I was able to capture this adorable little family.

Things went askew (not for me, but I'm sure for his parents) as soon as Oliver tasted freedom.

The magic of our children is that they are clueless to the charisma and charm they possess. Perhaps this is a large part of why people are so drawn to them. Oliver had both of these attributes, but he was not following our plan. I choose to believe that the plan Oliver had was the one I was meant to capture.

I hope that Tony and Adrianna are pleased with the images Oliver had planned for them. If you ask me ... I'd say Oliver is one gifted little boy : )!!

To see the entire set of images from this session click here!!

{Shine On}

... Lindsay ...


  1. Awesome! Go with the flow is for sure the way to go about photographing families with small children. Way to go! My favorite shot is the one of Oliver standing in the front and the parents sitting in the background.

  2. You are so right! I came home thinking that all of the pictures would have Oliver with a grumpy face or running away from us. Thanks for capturing his sweet personality even when he wasn't acting so sweet. We are so happy with the images and are so glad we chose you as our photographer!! Thank you again!

  3. that's why i dig you so much linds. you've taught me sooo much!!!

  4. You would never know he was being difficult! Adorable!