Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Will a picture last 8 months?

Tonight I held my little boy as tears streamed down his face and dropped onto my arm. I comforted him and hugged him assuring him that his Dad would be home before he knew it. His Dad will only be gone for 5 days. It was in comforting him that I thought of the pictures I was editing and the story of the family.

Tomorrow night Kristen will hold her kids and comfort them assuring them that the time their Dad will be gone will go fast. That before they know it 8 months will have passed and they will be hugging their Dad again. We assure our kids of all the things that we wish someone could assure us of. I am sure her heart will be heavy with the promises she makes her kids. Knowing that each Holiday missed and each milestone passed in her small kids lives will feel like an eternity. 

I am thankful that while their Dad is gone and while Kristen's heart aches from missing her husband they will have some images to hold onto and look at that will remind them of how sweet life is with Keith in it. 

An image can't hug you or embrace you, but it can be a gentle reminder of how one felt.

An image can help a little girl remember just how much her Daddy adores her.

And an image can refresh in a growing mind the shape and curves of their Dad's smile. 

8 months is a long time to be away from the ones we love. But what would we do if there weren't men and women like Keith and Kristen? 


Men and women willing to give their lives for all the freedoms we hold so dear. For all the people who serve, and all the families that stay behind I thank you all. I miss my husband after a night  away, I am amazed by the sacrifices they make for all of us. 

My hope is that these 8 months fly by for Kristen and Keith. That Kristen's days with their adorable children are filled with more smiles than tears. 

And that each time her heart aches for her husband, she nuzzles her little ones and breathes in all that is Keith in them. 

Thank you Kristen and Keith for sharing what little time you had left capturing your sweet little family. It was a joy and a pleasure!! I look forward to doing it again on the other end of these 8 months.

{Shine On}

... Lindsay ...