Sunday, January 27, 2013

From Dirty Jeans ... To ...

Over a year ago I had the pleasure of taking Jim and Emily's engagement pictures. If any of you remember poor Jim was not happy about his jeans getting dirty when I had him kneel for this shot. 

Well we should be good on the jeans for this occasion. I don't imagine he will be wearing jeans on his wedding day, and I promise not to make him kneel!!

Kyle and I took an extra day to get to Jim and Emily's wedding. We needed to be mentally ready for what was in store. We stayed the night in Salem and headed West for Sisters, OR early Friday morning.

We drove through small towns, and burnt forests before we arrived in Sisters. Unbeknownst to us Sisters was just miles from forest fires. The weather was warm, but a heavy cloud sat in the area, and everything smelled like camp fire. Aside from the lingering haze the place was beautiful. 

Kyle soon left to go with Jimmy (the groom) and the other guys on a Brewery tour, and I was left to shop and check in. Something that I felt perfectly qualified for ; ). 

Our room was in the main lodge at Five Pines Lodge. Up a grand staircase and there was our amazing room. The bottom floor housed our bathroom with a tub that filled from a hole in the ceiling (our kids would have loved this) , and a living area with fireplace and balcony. Up another flight of stairs and there was our bedroom with king size bed and another balcony. Jimmy and Emily knew how to take care of us. The accommodations were beautiful, thank you Jim and Emily!!

Kyle returned just in time to head to the rehearsal. The rehearsal run by Kyle was where the ceremony would take place. In a small patch of grass surrounded by water and huge trees. The place was just majestic. 

After a quick rehearsal we headed for dinner at the house where Emily's family was staying. We had a delicious dinner prepared by Emily's family and then called it a night. After all we both had to work the next day.

Saturday morning brought wedding day, and I headed out with cameras in hand. Kyle headed out with Bible and ceremony in hand. This would be our first collaboration. 

Me the photographer, Kyle the minister. We both felt honored and blessed to be a part of Jim & Emily's day. 

My day started with the details that Jim and Emily had so thoughtfully put into this special day. There was a table when you entered for their loved ones who are no longer with us. Each table had postcards from all the places they have traveled as a couple, a table for guests to write postcards to them, and a picture table complete with an image I recognized right away.

After the details came the guys and they were a blast. The guys were so easy and fun that we were able to capture some hilarious shots!! 

After shooting the guys we hid them away and the dress and the ladies arrived shortly there after. I saw the dress hanging and I was stunned by its beauty. 

She was stunning even before the dress went on. I don't remember looking this good in my underclothes. 

I had no idea that it would pale in comparison to seeing it on Emily in the real deal. The dress went on, then the shoes, and all the little details and she was a sight to see. Just beautiful and beaming from her head to her beautifully adorned toes!!

From there it's all history. The day flew by with lots of laughs, a few tears, and so much joy. It was a joy for me to shoot from beginning to end. They were both so sweet, charming, and good looking that my job was basically done for me. Not to mention the gorgeous location. I knew no matter what my work would be beautiful, and because of them it was.

I can't wait to see where life will take Jim & Emily. Their love and commitment to each other was so apparent. 

There is such a sweet and steady love that you see shining through them. I look forward to watching their family grow, and getting to be a part of that in any way is what I call blessed. Thank you Jim & Emily for being all that you are. We are blessed to call you our friends!!  We love you!!

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{Shine On}

... Lindsay ...