4 Absolute Must-Have Baths!



Before we start, we want to give a disclaimer that makes no suggestion that all these ideas should be recorded in a bathroom. Of course, they will not all work together, so it’s more a matter of choosing and choosing the items that work best with the style of the room that your UK bathroom designer has professionally done for you. See these tips as a small additional guide, instead of making a prescriptive list for the perfect bathroom! Ok, with this misplaced we would have to admit that everyone is looking up and down for the inspiration of the modern bathroom, but we think we have everything, right here, so come in and have a look!

1. Natural light

You do not have to be part of a team of door and window frames to know how important glazing is in a bathroom! A good amount of natural light keeps the room really cool and well ventilated. If your bathroom is small, a lot of light creates the illusion of a larger area.

2. Fresh concrete

Industrial bathroom projects are now exploding in terms of popularity! They adapt very well to both historic buildings and new buildings, giving a minimalist style a bold style and even the masculine tones seem very attractive. We never have enough polished concrete shower enclosures. What a cheap but fun idea!

3. Color in a family room

Bathrooms for the family always need a touch of special design to make the room attractive for children and to wash and brush their teeth regularly. For this reason, bright colors are often used. to create a sense of lively and zingy pleasure!


4. Tactile textures

Bathrooms can use some structure here and there to prevent a sterile feeling from creeping in, so while soft towels do wonders, why not think of some tiles that you want to touch and touch while showering? There are subtle nuances such as the plot that really distinguishes a room. [AL]

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