Which Floor For The Bathroom ?



What was a hidden private space with little beauty to talk about has become one of the most stylized spaces in the house. Yes, we are talking about the bathroom, a room that is still private, but it is not neglected too much when it comes to the beauty of the interior.

Floating shelves for storing items, beautiful colors on the walls, showerheads that provide a truly generous showering experience, beautiful lights … so many options that can help you design a bathroom!

But what are our soil options?

1. Tiles

Certainly the most popular choice, because it is beautiful and practical, not to mention a wide range of styles, colors, patterns, etc.

2. Natural stone

If a “raw” look is exactly your lane, natural stone can make it wonderful, both for the floor and for the wall. This natural material captivates with its seductive beauty and creates a welcoming and elegant look for almost every room, including the bathroom.

Do not forget that you can choose between glossy and unpolished shapes if you want to choose a glossier surface.

3. Marble

Our number 1 for timeless elegance! Because of its unique appearance and consistency, marble also sets itself apart from the more expensive options, so you know it also has a touch of luxury.

Easy to clean, waterproof and extremely durable: what not to love?


4. Wood

There is nothing like a warm wooden floor under a bare foot, but is it really practical for a wet room like a bathroom?

In a sense, yes. When considering a wooden floor, hardwoods such as oak or walnut are suitable, which only swells slightly on contact with water. However, it is advisable to carry out some maintenance and repair work, eg. For example, use a set of oil or wax to make sure the wood floor stays nice for so long.

5. Concrete

With a concrete floor you set a distinctive appearance, a rough and familiar style at the same time, certainly an atmosphere that not every family has. This can be perfect for a wide range of styles, including minimalism and industry.

The concrete can be laid without great effort and, unlike a parquet floor, can be quite economical. And keeping it clean is as easy as a bucket of soapy water with a mop – simple pea!

6. Pebble Floors

A great success in the 70s and 80s, this design has been blocked for decades, especially in the showers. And there is something “like a holiday” – the fact that so many houses follow in the Mediterranean.

7. PVC

Commonly known as vinyl, the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) floor has very compelling colors, textures and patterns, especially with a wood look. And do not forget that it is also one of the softest floor options on the market (with the exception of carpets and rugs, of course).


Although vinyl floors are very durable, they can still be damaged. If the ground is scratched or cracked, the damage is almost always impossible to solve. The new vinyl is often unrolled on the damaged surface, but to avoid multiple layers it is necessary to use a special machine to scrape the old vinyl.

And fortunately, a modern design has made PVC flooring suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, meaning that you can have it if you really want it! [AL]

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