How to TIG Weld Stainless Steel Exhaust Tubing


Exactly what we focusing on right now’s actually fitted up all all of those other tubes for that Exhaust in the header to the muffler.

How to TIG Weld Stainless Steel Exhaust TubingThey’re tacking it in position and after that once this really is all arranged up exactly what we’ll perform is we will take this particular off and continue the bench to really Weld the actual tube by itself and we’ll discuss the process whenever we get to that particular point.

Here we’re at the next phase in the actual Exhaust creating process, therefore¬†team completed up getting the the Tubing from the car, they tacked it in position, they eliminated it in the car as well as we’ve first got it over here about the bench.¬†Hollow Grinding with Bevel JigGET THE JIG PLANS

As well as before Serta finishes the actual the Welding associated with the Tubing areas together what we should decided to complete is back again purge the actual tube.

Stainless Steel Tubing

The actual reason why you’d back clear Stainless Steel Tubing would be to prevent the actual sugaring occurring on the actual backside. Whenever Stainless Steel Tubing is actually Welded and subjected to ambient atmosphere it has a tendency to pull within carbon within the air by itself and when it will that this creates the compound known as chromium carbide it is extremely hard but additionally very brittle and much more importantly when it is exposed in order to corrosive conditions like you’d probably see a good Exhaust program, it draws that chromium from solution therefore it reduces it’s quantity of corrosion opposition so all of us want to avoid that within the Tubing.

Just how we’ve eliminated about doing that’s we’ve created 2 dams upon both ends from the tube simply by cutting away cardboard roughly exactly the same shape since the diameter from the tube as well as taped all of them on each ends, we’ve put a gasoline tube in a single end, poked the hole within the other as well as turn the actual gas circulation of 100% argon as much as roughly in between five in order to ten CFH and allow it to sit until you have full flow throughout. And simply because argon gasoline is weightier than background air eventually with time will drive out or even purge the actual ambient atmosphere out from the tube developing a completely inert environment about the backside.

Therefore right right now Dan will step in he will start Welding this particular tube upward and a bit we’re likely to show a person the distinction internally associated with what this looks like about the backside having a purge pipe versus one which hasn’t been I simply finished Welding hich 409 Stainless Tubing it’s in regards to a 14 evaluate thickness. We Welded this at regarding 65 amps because that’s the perfect temperature exactly where it starts to dissolve but doesn’t whack holes especially for those who have a small gap between your two items.

What I love to do is actually pulse the actual the pedal in order you place the decrease of stainless rod and also you let away it cools this down and you’ll be able to do the following drop which keeps this from creating a big pit or burning up through. When the metal is linked again I will just carry on pulsing them also it lets the actual metal dissolve into by itself. We back again perched it to obtain a nice thoroughly clean inside Weld after which get any kind of of which crystallization this gets whenever you don’t clear it.

409 Stainless SteelSo just for example to evaluate back getting rid of to non-back purging a person took a few scrap bits of that 409 Stainless Steel as well as just Welding all of them up here about the bench you can see a few of the sugaring that you will get on an internal versus the rear purge. Within this unback clear tube you can observe that crud which forms about the back aspect. That immediately is in which the chromium coupled with a co2 and ambient atmosphere and produced chromium carbide that is pretty brittle materials, pretty difficult, but is also corrosive.

So with regard to comparison you can observe on the actual backside of the tube the actual Weld is a lot smoother you do not see which sugaring which occurred as well as from a good Exhaust setting you do not have any of this potentially blocks the actual pulse associated with gas in the Exhaust that increases overall performance(NH).

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