SONY 8GB Micro Vault USB Pen Drive


SONY 8GB Micro Vault USB Pen Drive

SHINE ON – With its 8 GB storing capacity, Sony pen drive is one of the most popular devices these days. The transfer and sharing of data is quite easy and convenient due to its micro vault tiny series. Even the largest size files can be easily transferred in a very fast rate. It has a quite precise dimension and is light in weight so that people can easily port it anywhere without any hassles of extra space and load. It operates in a swift manner with it plug and play connection and save your time to a great extent.

Specifications of USB flash pen drive:

  • The plastic body is quite durable and stylish.
  • They are available in many funny and attractive colors and are equipped with LED light. The light blink when it is in use. You can easily work with device even in the dark place with the help of LED light.
  • It is compliant with both USB 2. 0 and USB 1.1, but it offers high speed with its USB 2.0.
  • It works in all major platforms such as Windows 7 Home Basic or Premium, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate, Starter, Vista, XP professional Home basic, 2000, Mac OS x 10. 4- 10 . 5.
  • The external dimension of the device is 20 . 9 x 9. 5 x 67. 4 mm and the approximate weight is 11. 5 gm. Though it is equipped with LED light, large storage capacity, the SONY 8GB Micro Vault usb price is still quite affordable.

What’s special in the characteristics of Sony pen drive:

The thing that has made this USB flash pendrive popular among all the professionals is its storing capacity and already equipped anti-virus. Your device is completely safe when you insert in any other system. It will not be affected with the virus, which exists in any system or device, where you are using this usb.

The general capacity of a pen drive is 4 GB, but manufacturers have made double capacity of 8 GB in this particular Sony usb. Due to its high storage capacity, the speed is also very high. The data can be swiftly transferred from one system to another without any delay. SONY 8GB Micro Vault pen drive price is quite reasonable, and one can easily afford it.

It is quite surprising to the users that Sony is offering so many specifications in such a reasonable cost. The power supply is USB bus power, and you are not supposed to provide any external power. You will also get a wide range of temperature and humidity difference to use this device. The operating temperature range is between 0 – 35 degrees and humidity is between 20- 90 % without condensation. In the same manner, the storing temperature is 10 – 60 degree and humidity range is 20 – 90 %.

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